Harmon and Carolyn are philanthropists at heart, especially when it comes to contributing their time, effort and financial support to issues of family, children, and the protection and well being of the animal kingdom.  Since they have arrived in New Zealand they have attached themselves to a number of charitable organizations in New Zealand and Canada as follows:


The Champion Centre:


The Champion Centre is a children's trust dedicated to the treatment of birth related health challenges. The Centre’s unique services are based on early health care and specialized intervention therapy that include the entire family's involvement to create an atmosphere of cohesiveness and love for the healing of the whole family.  Harmon and Carolyn have been significant benefactors of the Centre dedicating their time to board membership and participation in charity funding events.  During 2002 and 2003 Harmon held the privileged position of becoming Chairman of the Board.  For a closer look of the Champion Centre, please access the following link:  The Champion Centre


The Rainbow Children's Health Trust


The Rainbow Children's Health Trust is a charitable fund raising organization focusing on new child health pediatric facilities based at the Christchurch Hospital Centre of Excellence.  The trust also contributes to facilitating and ensuring that the projects involving all health issues will benefit children in the community at large. Harmon and Carolyn have contributed to the trust through their attendance and assistance at fund raising functions, their philanthropic expertise and through their generous financial contributions. To view the good work of the Rainbow Children's Health Trust you may visit their web site at www.rainbowchildrenstrust.org.nz


The War Amps Champs


The War Amps Champs program is a Canadian charity specifically designed to assist children who have lost a limb or who have been born with a physically challenged limb.  Carolyn has taken a personal interest due to her own physical challenges with her hips and shoulders, due to a number of equestrian accidents in her early years.  To view the War Amps web site, please access the following address at www.waramps.ca 


The Canadian Guide Dogs


Being an animal activist, all dogs and pets have a special place in Carolyn's heart.  With her personal childhood experience of having a friend who relied on her guide dog due to her blindness from childhood diabetes, she has contributed to this charity in memory of her friend.  To view the work of the Canadian Guide Dogs please visit the web site at www.guidedogs.ca


Harmon and Carolyn also attend and support a consortium of New Zealand charities through their annual National Appeal Days drive.  



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