Harmon has contributed his time and resources towards many issues that have assisted homeless families over the years, especially in the greater Denver, Colorado metro area while living there from 1976 to 1997.  His contributions to homeless shelters and related organizations included involvement in food banks both directly and through his local church, and as advisor and special director of support programs provided by the Denver Lutheran Social Services.  In 1989 he was chosen as the Courage to Care Director for Lutheran Social Services and traveled throughout Colorado speaking and fund raising for the organization.  He also encouraged the employees of his companies in the Denver metro area to volunteer with him on weekends to assist in food delivery programs through local supermarket chains for the local family homeless shelters and at one point even contributed a company van to provide for food service and transportation for job interviews. 


Since Harmon and Carolyn's arrival in New Zealand, their primary humanitarian focus and contributions have been with children's issues through a local Christchurch trust focusing on the early intervention and development of children born with birth challenges, known as the Champion Centre. They are currently involved in investing in and assisting toward a community family care concept that has been in the planning stages since September 2004.




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