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Island Sweethearts It has been said that living in the South Pacific may require certain adaptations to the local floral colours. Harmon and Carolyn have discovered, to  truly immerse oneself in the experience, a subtle blending with the Polynesian cultural traditions comes highly  recommended. They would also share that the most noticeable south sea tradition that reveals itself like a warm smile among the indigenous culture is the constant recognition and closeness of the extended family.  In the island vernacular, mom and dad are lovingly referred to as 'mama" and  "papa" and the fire of familial love and warmth is burning brightly within the hearts of these lovely people.  Outside the influence of the fast paced world, the communities of the South Pacific offer a wonderful alternative to settle down and enjoy the fruits of a peaceful and relaxing lifestyle.


This section of the website presents the Wilfred’s in their South Pacific homeland as a warm and socially conscious couple dedicated to family, community and the principles of good business.  Harmon and Carolyn Wilfred’s historical family profiles are as diverse in their family background as they are similar in philisophy.   Their profiles include brief family histories and a thumb nail of their current position in life with some mention of their joint aspirations for the future of their extended family of five children, three from Harmon’s previous marriages and two from Carolyn’s. 




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