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My name is Harmon Wilfred and this web site is my way of introducing me and my wife Carolyn Dare Wilfred to the global community.  You might ask, "What’s the point?"  I suppose the point can be summed up in one question,


 How can we be helpful?


Every person on earth has something to offer his fellow man, and we are most interested in sharing our experiences and talents with those who would benefit from our successes and failures.  Along the way, my personal successes have generally been achieved through the making of my share of mistakes; however, if I can spare you and your family from the sometimes painful process of trial and error by the offer of some morsel of wisdom, then this site has achieved its objective. Have a look around and if you have any questions or would like to comment, please feel free to introduce yourself by dropping me an e-mail line or two.


By now, you may have noticed the Angelic Icon in the upper left hand margin of this page entitled, "LUMINA DIEM". This symbol with the declaration, "LET THERE BE LIGHT", is my way of providing a pictorial gateway into a unique website venue symbolized by the Angel Gabriel calling upon the Sun to bring forth the daylight of Truth and Justice in these challenging times into every dark place on the earth.


The Lumina Diem website ( is currently documenting the story of my journey as a loving father and former financial contractor (Asset") of the CIA battling with the most powerful political forces on earth to restore my relationships with my three estranged children.  These evil forces have used my then minor children even now as adults, as pawns as well as my Canadian wife in a game of CIA/Clinton political roulette.  Sound intriguing? Should you click  on the "Let There Be Light" declaration you will find yourself in the midst of a struggle between light and darkness where United States elected officials and government agencies from the county and state level to the US federal and Canadian Justice Systems; and even now the New Zealand Ministry of Immigration have reverted to the legalized kidnapping and abuse of my children and the forced seperation of me and my wife Carolyn as a means of cooperationg with the CIA/Clinton criminal cartel to protect and further their political agendas.

This is about a father who has been and continues to be politically and perpetually persecuted over the last 20 years for "blowing the whistle" on a CIA/Clinton conspiracy that extends to the highest levels of the US shadow government to cover-up the truth regarding the international embezzlement of billions of dollars of US tax payer’s money. Yes, this conspiracy involves members of the CIA, the US and Canadian Justice Departments, and Bill and Hillary Clinton personally through the offices of the US President and the Secretary of State; with the ultimate goal to coronate Hillary Clinton back to the White House with the CIA as her personal enforcement arm. Fortunately, Donald J Trump has foiled Hillary's grand conspiracy. Now it's time for the world and my children to know the truth starting with my Open Letter to Donald J. Trump!


Surely the day is coming; It will burn like a furnace.

 ..... the Sun of righteousness will rise with healing in his wings.

..... He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children,

and the hearts of the children to their fathers .....

Malachi 4-1,6 NIV

Biblical message to Hillary Clinton and her followers:

Hear this word you cows of Bashan... you women who oppress the poor and

crush the needy and say to your husbands, "Bring us some drinks!"

The sovereign Lord has sworn by his Holiness,

"The time will come when you will be taken away with hooks, 

the last of you with fishhooks.

You will each go straight out through breaches in the wall,

and you will be cast out toward Harmon", declares the Lord.

Amos 4 1-4 NIV

THE HARMON WILFRED STORY, introduction and summary
 - A free E-book twelve chapter autobiographical prelude "Tolkein Style" from birth to 1973

     - A bulleted autobiographical summary from 1973 to present, including"

          - CIA covert "asset" assignment under the Clinton administration, 1996-2000

          - Reported to the US Justice Department in 2000 on CIA/Clinton fraud and money laundering

          - Escape and exile to New Zealand, 2001- present


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