Harmon and Carolyn's 2004 Family Resolution! Harmon and Carolyn's New Years resolution from 2004 onward is to channel all of their effort and investments toward the support and funding of their vision of restoring the global family to its proper place as the foundation of humanity.  Their current and future investments  in combining the various state of the art communication technologies are focused on enhancing the opportunity of the global family to freely share knowledge and information by voice, video and data communication. The goal?  To eliminate ignorance and unite the global family with the knowledge and understanding that brings universal peace and prosperity.  


Carolyn's Canadian business background comes from her family's long standing 112 year business known as Dare Foods Incorporated.  Dare Foods of Canada has been around since 1892 and has thrived for three generations to become a Canadian food icon and a world force in specialty cookies, crackers, snack foods, breads and confections.  Dare have manufacturing in Canada and the United States and distribution channels for their award winning products throughout the world.  At 90, Carolyn's father, Carl Dare is still admired as a captain of the Canadian food industry.  


Since Harmon and Carolyn arrived in New Zealand in August of 2001, they have invested Carolyn's estate into a number of new family ventures including:

The Family Investment Company

Wilfred Holdings Limited 
"Investing in the Human Family"!

Delivering the power the Internet to everyone who has power

Powerline Communications Limited 
"Delivering the Power of the Internet to all with Power"

Light of Day! Light of Day Limited
"Bringing Knowledge and Innovation into the Light of Day"!
Lumina Diem!

 Lumina Diem Limited  

 "Let There Be Light!"


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