It can be said of Harmon Wilfred, that he is a man of principle and of service.  He has lived his life as an example of what it means to stand up for what is good and right, not just in the eyes of the politically correct, but truly what is in the best interests of those he serves.  From the time of his youth, Harmon has committed his life to serving others through his humanitarian contributions to his community and business enterprises. From his first job at age 8 of delivering newspapers to the local community and then at age 16 beginning his adult business career at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and then on to his voluntary four years of US military service during the Vietnam War, Harmon has always displayed his enduring commitment to community and country.


Carolyn Dare is the daughter of Ruth and Carl Dare, of the global food company, Dare Foods of Ontario, Canada.  Imagine the adventures of growing up in the midst of a world class cookie company! Carolyn has many a fond memory of going into the family cookie factory on weekends and watching with intrigued wonder as the ingredients magically combined to come out as wonderful, flavorsome, mouthwatering cookies.  Her most enjoyable memory is of climbing a ladder and peering down into a large vat of creamy, swirling, hot milk chocolate and embracing the aroma to her hearts content.  Combine this with fabulous summers spent at the family cottage in Northern Ontario's Muskoka lake district, immersing herself in her love of nature, and learning all of the skills that are an essential part of living in the northwoods of Canada by the lake..... it just doesn't get any better than that.


In her young adult years, Carolyn trained as a preschool teacher with a special emphasis on challenged children. Her innate nurturing qualities saw her excel in this field of work and this has translated into her strongly held philosophy of family and children first and foremost.  As she embarked on her early career she worked with challenged children, established and ran her own nursery school, and lived and worked on her family farm that specialized in the raising and sale of pigs and chickens.  Carolyn's parents instilled in her from a very early age the gifts of hard work, honesty, integrity and responsibility for those around her that are less fortunate.  She could often be found volunteering for many organizations involving children, the elderly, and animal foundations.  From these early lessons, she developed a strong sense of compassion for all living things.


On August 2, 1998, at the ages of 49 and 46 respectively, Harmon and Carolyn were married in the Shakespearian Gardens at Stratford, Ontario.  Having met late in life, both decry their absolute belief that they never knew love until their first personal encounter of each other in Canada in the summer of 1997.  Even though they both grew up on opposite sides of Lake Erie, Harmon on the US side and Carolyn just north of the Canadian shore, it would seem that their fate to meet and be married would wait for the Creator’s ideal timing. After 3 years of marriage, they decided to explore other life styles and opportunities around the world and ultimately found New Zealand to be a land of wonderful people, quiet lifestyles, and fantastic business investment opportunities.   




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